A BEDROOM FOR STRANGERS: solo show with viewing of installation + images from the interactive social experience. For more info visit bedroomforstrangers.com

May 20th, Navel LA


MAKING KIN: Group show by collective members of Navel

Aug 26-30 2018

In her book Staying with the Trouble, Donna Haraway presents a liquid worldview in which all actors, human and non-human, are equal and move in and out of each other in correlating influences.

Taking this proposition as starting point, this exhibition by the newly-formed NAVEL Collective, a group of artists, scientists, designers, writers, coders, and community organizers, explores the ethics and meanings, forms and possibilities of kinship.

08.26.2018 MAKING KIN-e24bc45fc051c05e77dfeb82df755dcf.jpg

IN ALL WAYS A WOMAN: Group show at The Break

Curated by: Katherine McMahon and Kayla Camstra

All proceeds went to Planned Parenthood

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